Supporting Vulnerable Young People
in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Kuća na Pola Puta aims to help vulnerable young people and those brought up in institutional care to gain skills for independent living in order to become dignified and contributing members of the community.

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In order to provide transparent information to the public, we inform you that the Halfway House project is undergoing a transformation in order to reform the operational model. The current operating model as Social Care Institution is proving to be inflexible for young people after leaving the Children's Homes in BiH. The first phase of the project showed that operating the project in this way requires enormous resources for bureaucratic and operational costs and therefore significantly reduces the funding spent on direct help to the beneficiaries. Therefore, we have decided to transform this extremely important project and adjust the model of work it will provide.

In order to continue developing a new model of work, the Halfway House project will be connected to the operational model of UG Our Children / Naša Djeca which this organization has successfully implemented for many years.


How you can help

Kuća na Pola Puta is a non-profit organisation which relies on the generous support of volunteers and donors. There are many ways you can help.

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what is KUĆA na Pola Puta?

Learn more about how Kuća na Pola Puta started, the project's aims, and what we do to help care leavers and other young adults. 

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Kuća na Pola Puta at a Glance

Temporary home for care leavers and other young adults.

Vocational training and work experience.

Assistance in finding employment or educational programmes.

Health, social and psychological support while they make the transition to independent living.

Jobs and resources to benefit the local community.

Social enterprises to generate income and reduce the reliance on donations.